Top 10 Favorite SNES Games

The SNES was the second system my parents bought new for us (the first being the NES).  I still remember vividly the Christmas I opened it up and popped in Super Mario World for the first time.  I didn’t want to open anything else I just wanted to play my game.  Below are my ten favorite games for the system:

10. SimCity – First, let me say that this may be the worst port of SimCity that I’ve ever played.  Playing it recently I noticed that the controls are clunky and the game itself is just not that easy to control.  But, as a kid, I just flat out loved SimCity.  My favorite thing to do was build up a great city and then set loose as many of the disasters as I could, at once, and watch the city be destroyed.

9. Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind – This game is just flat-out goofy.  But, it’s also incredibly fun and I’ve always love that it’s a game that does not take itself too seriously.  Some of the jokes are really rude and somewhat crude and were exactly the kind that were right up my alley in junior high and high school.  Plus, it was actually one of the nicer looking games on the system.

8. Final Fantasy III – This is one of the few RPGs that kept my attention as a kid (along with Crystalis and Dragon Warrior).  I never did actually beat it but have logged hundreds of hours on it over the years.  I leant out my copy of it some time back and will probably have to purchase another one sometime soon as I’m getting the yearning to play it again.

7. NBA Jam Tournament Edition – As a single player game, the game was alright.  However, it shined as a multi-player one.  This is one of the few games that I originally owned with my SNES that allowed for more then two players.  Every time my friends came over this was the one game that we would play.  The word’s “He’s on fire” still make me want to play this game.

6. Street Fighter II: the World Warrior – I still maintain that this was a great port of the arcade game.  My opinion may be colored by the fact that this is the first game that I ever bought with my own money, just a few days after I received my Super Nintendo for Christmas.  To this day, though, Chun Li’s thighs scare me. :)

5. Super Mario Kart – I did actually own a copy of this till a few years ago but, once again, my cousin did.  It was another game that we played for hours on end.  It’s a little harder for me to play it now after the great job they’ve done with the later games in the series but I still swap it every once and awhile for nostalgia sake.

4. Super Bomberman – I never actually owned this game but one of my cousin’s did.  Every time we saw them we would play this game for hours on end, into the wee hours of the night.  I always had to be the black bomberman (no one seemed to mind).

3. Donkey Kong Country – The mine cart level still remains one of my favorite (if not my favorite) levels in any game, ever.  The rest of the game was pretty great, too.

2. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Remains my second favorite Zelda game (after the original on the NES) and I pop it in every few years to play.

1. Super Mario World – Still the one game for the SNES that I can go back to and play at any time.  The game never seems to get old and is still one of the best Mario games ever.


Honorable Mention: Earthbound, F-Zero, Kirby’s Dream Course, Mario Paint, Secret of Mana, Star Fox, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Metroid


NOTE: This is my personal list of favorite games to play, not what I believe to be the best games on the system.

Terry Pratchett – Equal Rites

I’ve been a pretty big reader of Terry Pratchett’s stuff since I first read the Rincewind 4-in-1 hardback (the Colour of Magic, the Light Fantastic, Sourcery, and the short story Eric) 3 or 4 years ago.  I recently purchased the first novel in his Witches series, Equal Rites, on my kindle.  As has been the case with pretty much all of the stuff that I’ve read of his, it was an enjoyable and whimsical take of life on the discworld.

Esk, the protagonist, is actually pretty similar to Tiffany Aching, the star of the Wee Free men series of books.  They are both strong-willed young girls who see things quite a bit differently than those around them.  They both are witches, although Esk eventually starts striving to be the very first female wizard that Unseen University has ever had.  Technically, she is the eighth child of the eighth son, someone who should become a wizard and is only held back due to her gender.  I actually am starting to get the sense from reading Terry’s novels that he is very pro-feminist as most of his female characters are quite strong and don’t need to rely on someone else to do things for them.  I think that pretty soon I will be purchasing Wyrd Sisters, the next book in the Witches series, and giving it a read.  I hope it is as good as Equal Rites.

<NOTE: I will be adding more to this review as I get free time>

Under-rated Comic Character #1 – Dr. Strange

I have personally always been a big fan of Dr. Strange.  He always struck me as more interesting then the super power infested heroes that populated much of Marvel’s Universe.  He tended to use his mind along with his mystical powers.  He is also the only Marvel hero I know of that has been able to defeat Dracula (probably the greatest story arc in Dr. Strange history).

One issue that I have is that Marvel has underused the character in recent memory.  Since the cancellation of his third series in mid-1996 there have been a few minis and one-shots released but that’s it.  An April 2011 one-shot (Doctor Strange: from the Marvel Vault) gives me hope that they may be thinking about launching a new series.  Of course, I’ve thought that before and have been long disappointed.  Gaze upon the wonder that is Dr. Strange:

Pezchasers is back!

After some issues with my previous webhost (and still not having access to my domain name) I have restarted the website as  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to find any of my old blog backups so I am starting over (but hoping to find those backups at some point).  Also, here is the new Pezchasers logo:

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