Under-rated Comic Character #1 – Dr. Strange

I have personally always been a big fan of Dr. Strange.  He always struck me as more interesting then the super power infested heroes that populated much of Marvel’s Universe.  He tended to use his mind along with his mystical powers.  He is also the only Marvel hero I know of that has been able to defeat Dracula (probably the greatest story arc in Dr. Strange history).

One issue that I have is that Marvel has underused the character in recent memory.  Since the cancellation of his third series in mid-1996 there have been a few minis and one-shots released but that’s it.  An April 2011 one-shot (Doctor Strange: from the Marvel Vault) gives me hope that they may be thinking about launching a new series.  Of course, I’ve thought that before and have been long disappointed.  Gaze upon the wonder that is Dr. Strange:

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